Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Buwan ng Wika 2012

Every year, our country celebrates the "Buwan ng Wika". A celebration that lasts for the whole month of August, the Filipinos commemorate the different Filipino traditions and customs they grew up with.

Every year, the Department of Education(DepEd) assigns a theme that will be followed by all the schools nationwide. This year, the theme is, "Tatag ng Wikang Filipino, Lakas ng Pagka-Filipino".

For this year's theme, the Department of Education wants to focus on the beauty of the Filipino language, how it has endured the many and long years of oppression and how it strengthened the Filipino people.

From the ancient "alibata" which our ancestors used, to the modern Filipino language and alphabet, the Filipino people, along with their language, has evolved and endured many trials. Starting with the Spaniards' invasion of the country. With our language, the leaders of the different groups led the people to victory and freedom. This has been proven. not just by the Spaniards, but also the other countries that tried to oppress us. Through out history, many Filipinos, using our language, has conquered the trials they faced and upheld the Filipino pride around the world. Even with the existence of different dialects all across the nation, the Filipino people has shown that they can still move and act as one.

Not just in revolutions, the Filipino people has also proved that our language can conquer the world's interest. countless Filipino literature and writers have been commended by the world because of their brilliance in the use of their language. From then till now,  Filipino films and shows have been adapted by other countries because of its brilliance.

The Filipino language, no matter how long it has been and will be,  will stay strong and prove to the world that language, above all else, is the most important weapon a country can have.

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